Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients and community with the highest educated staff, fast and efficient results, and programs built for you individually based on your situation and desired outcome.

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Group Personal Training

Our 30-minute workouts are coached by 3-4 highly educated trainers from across the country at every session.

The Latest Technology

We use real science and data based on your body to determine your next steps. No bro science or opinions.

A Growing Community

Join over 2000 local community members working to get real results and give back to the community as a team.

Becoming the best version of yourself may sound cliche, but our family at Platinum Fitness lives this transformation. Together as a family, we strive for progress, not perfection, toward our aspirations and goals.

Becoming the best version of yourself may sound cliche, but our family at Platinum Fitness lives this transformation. Together as a family, we strive for progress, not perfection, toward our aspirations and goals.

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Limited Time Only

21 Day Total Body Tone Up Program

New to Platinum Fitness? Our 21-Day total body tone up can be done by anybody, regardless of age, weight, fitness level or flexibility! Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain your current fitness level, we can help you reach your goals with accountability and a proven plan.

You’ll be paired with a personal coach who will help you:

  • ​Attend 3-4 Group Personal Training Sessions Each Week – They’re only 30 minutes long and easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  • ​Follow a Delicious & Healthy Nutrition Plan – The money you’ll save on meals alone will pay for this program.
  • ​See Great Results Or You Get Your Money Back – If you follow our programs and don’t get great results, we give you 200% of your money back.
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Platinum Fitness Locations

Cape Coral

2612 Santa Barbara Blvd
Cape Coral, Florida 33914
(239) 823-7282

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Gulf Coast

9961 Interstate Commerce Dr # 100
Fort Myers, Florida 33913
(239) 839-7365

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College Park

8595 College Plaza
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
(239) 839-8749

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North Cape

2481 Del Prado Blvd North
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
(239) 834-2299

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Limited Time Only

21 Day “Anti-Aging” Program

Did you know 90 minutes of exercise a week can dramatically lower your risk for heart disease? Get your 90 minutes in (three 30-minute workouts per week) with our new nutrition & fitness program geared specifically towards those individuals 50 years and older.

You’ll be paired with a personal coach who will guide you through:
  • ​Unlimited 30-minute group personal training sessions for any fitness level programmed by our Doctor of Physical Therapy on staff to ensure balance and effectiveness.
  • ​Nutritional Programs with sample menus, food swap lists, grocery lists, and more signed off on by our Registered Dietician and PhD on staff.
  • ​​Cutting edge science and habits to help improve how your body ages.
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Try us out for 21 Days! Unlimited workouts and meal plan included!

If you desire REAL results, REAL weight loss and shedding of inches, click the button below and begin your journey with us.

If you’re wanting REAL results with losing weight and shedding inches, then click the button below to begin your journey with us.

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Core Values

Lead From the Front

Taking an active role and setting the example for others.


It’s “We” not “Me”. The team wins. Appreciate the effort of all positions.


Continual and never ending improvement and work ethic.


Unquenchable desire to improve the health, mindset, and quality of life of our community!


Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing.


Devoted to the betterment of others regardless of self.

Here’s what Platinum Fitness Members are Saying

“Platinum Fitness is more than a gym, it is the most positive and supportive group I have ever seen. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can come and workout. I have gained strength, fitness, motivation and self confidence in just 30 minutes a day. Trainers are excellent at making sure your form is on point to get the most out of your 30 minutes. More importantly they care about clients providing coaching support, nutrition information and answering questions with positive constructive feedback. I love this crazy family and I can’t imagine not coming to sweat and strain with this group.” – Catherine B.
“Of all the gyms I’ve belonged to over the years (there have been MANY), Platinum Fitness is by far the best. The other gyms don’t even come close. The coaches are the most remarkable individuals you will ever meet. They will push you. They will make you laugh. They will make you cuss. They will make feel like you are going to die (I promise you won’t). But most importantly they will support you! Each session we end with “Family on Three…1, 2, 3… FAMILY!”. And that’s exactly what it is…one amazing family!” – Valerie C.
“This place has changed my life!!! I can honestly say that where I never wanted to workout or made excuses as to why I could not workout, here comes Platnium. I wake up wanting to be there, figuring out my schedule so that I CAN get there! Their challenges, trainers, staff and clients are some of the best in the business. They want you to succeed. They push you to be better. Don’t believe me, go see for yourself!
” – Falon S.
“To say I love this place would be an understatement. The trainers are supportive and the workouts are challenging and effective. I would highly recommend Platinum Fitness to anyone. They have truly changed my life.” – Suzie O.
“Platinum Fitness has given me a whole new outlook on working out!!! I love that I can go in and everything is planned out and ready for me!! The trainers are amazing and very helpful and encouraging! I actually look forward to my daily workouts and feel guilty if I miss!! I highly recommend Platinum Fitness!! It’s not just a gym it’s a family!!!” – Kim H.
“One of the best decision I have ever made. Trainers are awesome and are always there to guide you.” – Tam A.