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My name is Adam Trelow. I grew up in Southern Illinois near St. Louis. I was a multi sport athlete in high school, which is where I found my passion for fitness. Between lacrosse, golf, and triathlons I had a very busy schedule, but always made it a priority to work out. I played lacrosse in college at Missouri Baptist University, but only stayed for one season due to getting burnt out over the years. This is when I transferred to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. During my time there I was accepted into the Exercise Science program and I received my Bachelors in the field.

Since I was no longer playing Lacrosse, I started CrossFit to fill my need for competitiveness and have now been doing it for over 7 years! It made my love for fitness grow, the community aspect made me enjoy working out so much more and I have made some of the best friends while doing it. Also, CrossFit is where I met my wife Courtney. Aside from fitness, I love spending time with my wife, our 2 dogs, and golfing!

During my fitness career as a trainer I have worked with a broad spectrum of clients. My mission in life is to help anyone I train find a way to better their lives and reach their goals!

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