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I am Dale Rausch and proud to say I am a Personal Trainer at Platinum Fitness. Originally from Delaware, I moved here from West Virginia after graduating from WVU with a bachelors in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Strength and Conditioning. I came here to be with my family and to expand my career in fitness. Ever since I was young, I’ve always been physically fit. I was always active and always training. It all started with lifting weights with my father and getting into sports. I was in sports such as Wrestling, BJJ, MMA, Baseball, Cross Country, and CrossFit. This catalyzed my interest in joining the Exercise Physiology program in college. During college is where I found my calling and passion for physical fitness. Throughout college I was always active, but after injuring my wrist in CrossFit and spraining my ankle in a basketball game I became sedentary for about a year. Working through those injuries I had to find new ways to rehabilitate. To be honest I’m still working through these injuries and acclimating to them. After many Personal Trainer internships, I knew I found my passion, especially when I used that knowledge to train myself. After college I spent a year working for a Chiropractor as a Chiropractic Assistant. Throughout that year I developed new practices of rehabilitation, which were like Athletic Training type skills, and found a love of helping others. That’s what drove me even more was the gratitude; It’s the best currency. I’m excited to further my career with Platinum Fitness and inaugurate new family members. I want to help people evolve into the best versions of themselves and obtain the goals they’ve set. That’s my goal to you.

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