New Decade, New You Challenge

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It's time once again to get ready for our New Decade, New You 6 Week Transformation Challenge starting January 13th, and this decade we are going bigger and better than ever with our award winning programs.


Our clients lost over 100,000 pounds to date, including 94 people hitting 50 pounds or MORE in just 39 months (some well over 100). Our gyms have won the "Best of" award every year in existence and we have well over 1,000 recommendations from clients and community members about how effective, amazing, and honestly life changing our team, clients, and results are for the people we are blessed to work with every day.

What Do You Get During the Challenge?

  • Unlimited Group Personal Training Sessions overseen by our Doctorate of Physical Therapy on staff to make sure every week is effective, efficient, and balanced all while being modifiable for any fitness level.
  • Custom Nutrition will be tailored to you and we will help teach you how to pair foods, read nutrition labels, and eat for YOU based on your body fat, weight, age, gender, and MORE. It will be actually tailored to YOU. Oh yeah, and EVERY program we write is signed off on by a Doctorate of Nutrition.
  • Weekly Progress Reports will be sent to your coach and we will track your progress and work with you to make any changes and accelerate your progress during the 6 weeks.
  • A 200% Money Back Guarantee if you do not get results during our program. We so strongly believe in our product that we will PAY YOU for wasting your time should we fail you. We do this because we know you have been burned before by other people over promising and then delivering a sub par product. We are sorry for our industry, so sleep easy knowing you have a guarantee as well.
  • Win a CRUISE and over $3,000 of giveaways and prizes throughout the event for the winners based on %. You can have 100 pounds to lose, or just 10 and either way we will calculate your results and transformations so you can win amazing prizes and even look good on the cruise we send you on! 


What is crazy about these pictures is that these are REAL clients from right here in Fort Myers and Cape Coral and these results were just 6 weeks with us working together.

Is it going to be easy? No. What worthwhile is? No one looks back on their life and thinks about how proud they are of something that wasn't earned. It is always our true moments of change, redirection of goals, and pushing ourselves to new levels that makes us proud of the person we see in the mirror. We want to work with you. Truly.

If there are any questions on how any of this works just click the link and if you still do not have the answers you are looking for, we will gladly talk to you to make sure you are 1000% confident and excited in your decision to trust us with your most important assets, your body and your time!


Dedicated to YOUR Success,
Platinum Team

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